Why is my washer leaking?

Why is my washer leaking is a very common problem with front load washers and today’s high sudsing detergents. If you are using a front load washer, and you notice suds on the door glass, you probably have an oversudsing condition. Washing machine oversudsing is not good for the person who intends to wear the clothing in the washer, and it puts unnecessary wear and tear on the dryer. If there is still detergent in the water at the end of the rinse cycle, that means there is still detergent in the clothing at the end of the cycle. Furthermore, oversudsing in a washing machine prevents it from reaching full spin speed. That means that the clothing will come out of the washer dripping with excessive water. When you put clothing in a dryer that is wetter than normal, the dryer must run longer to dry the clothes. This puts unnecessary wear and tear on the dryer, not to mention the fact that it increases the cost of drying the clothes.


While any washing machine can have an oversudsing condition, the condition seems to be exaggerated with front load washers. That’s probably because most people who use a front loading washer, tend to use liquid detergents. Liquid detergents are more susceptible to oversudsing. In addition to that, some people think that if their clothes are dirty, it’s better to add just add a little extra detergent. This is a mistake because the instructions on the detergent container recommend an amount of detergent that is already unnecessary.
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