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    Is Dog Training for you?

    Hello and thank you for looking for help with your dog. The first thing I ask you to understand is that you can’t have a well trained dog unless you have a well behaved dog so good behaviour must come before the training. It is difficult to train a dog if your dog is not relaxed in the company of other dogs so that is the first stage. The second thing is your dog needs to be able to walk on a slack lead, regardless of other dogs and their behaviour. Lastly, you need to be able to recall your dog to you, also regardless of distraction and the behaviour of other dogs. When you can do all of these things, then your dog is ready for obedience type training. I have competed in obedience with my own dogs so I know what it takes.


    To help you recognise and interpret your dogs behaviour, please answer the following questions honestly and then see how your interpretation differs from your dogs….

    1. Does your dog follow you around?
    2. Does your dog jump up onto your lap when you are watching TV?
    3. Does your dog love to see visitors?
    4. Does your dog sit and stare at you?

    If two of your answers are yes, then your dog is probably getting their own way more often than not and this can be a cause of bad behaviour. For more questions, please read on Fresno dog training

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    Best Bird Control Company in UK

    Surekill bird control are the specialists for all your bird related problems. We have many years experience and have all the knowledge and expertise needed to solve your bird control issues.

    We operate all over UK, and have a quick response time to fully assess and resolve your infestation problem, all at a reasonable price.

    We can deal with the entire spectrum of bird control issues. Whether you have a problem with birds roosting on your building or pigeons fouling we can help. Use our site navigation to find out how we can help you with your bird control needs.


    Pigeon Netting

    Pigeon netting systems are the ideal solution to protect your building from birds. Our nets are made from a UV stabilised polypropylene, which is attached using stainless steel fixings.

    Our well designed netting systems are hardly visible from the ground and whilst proofing a large area, will not affect the aesthetic appearance of your building, lending themselves to a variety of applications and making them suitable for both contemporary and heritage buildings and structures.

    Our fully trained, experienced technicians will install your netting to a high specification, as can be seen from the building pictured.

    Upon receiving your order we will provide you with all the information that you need, including full risk assessments and method statements.

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    Removals Near Me

    Our removals group consists of  Removals and Commercial Removals. UK Removals provides domestic removals and house storage services to the general public. Commercial Removals provides business relocation, business storage, commercial relocation, commercial removal, office relocation and office removals, IT relocation and commercial storage solutions, especially business storage, to business and industry sectors.

    UK Removals moving company offer a full range of domestic removal and house storage services to suit, from individuals to families. From just a single item or a complete home; around the corner or across the globe, we have the equipment, trained staff and expertise to make it the safest move you’ll ever make. We understand that when you move you want a stress free experience. At Eton Jones Removals we understand what your moving issues are, and we know how to resolve them.

    If you cannot move directly into your new home or if you require safe, secure storage for your possessions, UK Removals has the solution with our house storage facility in Stourbridge, West Midlands as part of our moving company. Our friendly and courteous staff will give you all the advice and guidance you need, from your initial telephone call through to the completion of your move. We have offices located in Stourbridge, Dudley, Kidderminster, Worcester and Birmingham. So we have West Midlands removals and storage well and truly covered.

    UK Commercial Removals are the moving company, offering a complete portfolio of commercial relocation services including business relocation, office relocation, office removals, IT relocation, office moves, business storage, porterage, crate hire and moving within the UK and overseas.

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    Welcome to Feed the Birds.co.uk, the home of Poltross Wild Bird Foods.

    Who are we?

    Poltross Wild Bird Foods is a small, Northumberland-based family business. We specialise in supplying quality wild bird foods and accessories to domestic customers in North Cumbria and South Northumberland. We offer a free delivery service to your door, with no minimum order.

    Why buy from us?.

    At Poltross Wild Bird Foods, we believe in quality, convenience and keen prices! Our products are of a quality far superior to the bulk of those which are available locally, and we have a much more extensive product range than anyone else in our area. We are members of the Birdcare Standards Association -always look for the BSA logo when buying birdfoods – it’s your guarantee of quality products. Buying from us is particularly convenient – you can order at any reasonable time of the day, including weekends and bank holidays. If we can, we’ll answer the phone in person! What’s more, we recognise that not everyone uses bird food by the sack load. When you buy from us, you order the quantity YOU want, be it 1 kilo or 101 kilos! Finally, we operate a tiered pricing structure that means you don’t have to buy lots to make savings!

    Where we deliver to…

    Delivery is by our own transport, and takes in the bulk of the Hadrian’s Wall corridor, extending as far as Ponteland in the east, and the Solway coast in the west. Presently, we go as far north as Hethersgill and Bellingham, and our southern boundary extends to Alston.
    If you live just outside these areas, please do get in touch – we may be able to go a little further! In due course, as we gain a larger customer base, we hope to be able to serve a wider area.

    If you live in South Cumbria, or North Lancashire, we recommend you visit Watchers Wildlife and Countryside Shop at Grange-over-Sands. In addition to stocking quality wild bird foods, they also keep a vast range of feeders and nesting boxes, as well as the largest range of binoculars and telescopes in South Lakeland. Email us if you need more details!

    When do we deliver?

    We currently deliver at least once a week in all areas. During winter, deliveries may be more frequent. At the moment, we deliver in Northumberland on Wednesday and Cumbria on Friday.

    Our customers who have previously used mail order suppliers tell us that what they dislike most is having bulky sacks of food left on their doorstep when they aren’t in! With Poltross Wild Bird Foods you don’t usually have that problem. We aim to be as flexible as possible when planning our deliveries. We try our best to work our schedule so that you are in when we deliver, and what’s more, we’ll happily carry your order to where you want to store it, be it the garage, the utility room or the garden shed! In the event that you won’t be in when we deliver, we can make arrangements to leave your order in a convenient place.